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Chapter 4: Assemblages, Ecosystems and Change

One of the topics addressed in Chapter 4 is Margaret Davis’ pollen work (pages 80-82 in the hardcopy edition). We people who study trees are familiar with the ideas of how different species came back from their refugia during glaciation, … Continue reading

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Botkin on the Nekola Review

Here’s Botkin’s take on the Nekola review referred to by Guy here. It is interesting that it arrived just a few days after I learned from the 2013 USA Best Book Awards that my book “has been honored as a … Continue reading

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Exploring Botkin’s Book: Bring Your Stories and Your Right Brain

This is not the Chapter 4 post I promised but will post this weekend, with Chapter 5 right behind it. Rather, it is a bit of a reflection on the discussion that Guy started here, which started me back to … Continue reading

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Virtual Book Club: Back From Elk Season

All, thank you for your ongoing comments and discussion while I’ve been off. Due to other commitments I did not get “back” as early as I originally intended and won’t have time to get into posting more thoughts until my … Continue reading

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One critique of Botkin’s Book

By Guy Knudsen Probably posting this in the wrong place, but the only place where I could figure out how to post it. I did buy Dan Botkin’s book (Moon in nautilus etc), got the kindle version which was cheapest, … Continue reading

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Chapter 4- Break for Western Annual Sacred Rite

We all celebrate the holiest of times in the Interior West- Elk Season- at different times. In honor of second season Colorado, we will take off until October 28th. At that time we will take up Chapter 4, which is … Continue reading

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Botkin Chapter 2: Nature is Good; People Are Bad

Bob did an excellent job of summarizing Chapter 2 here. However, instead of answering his questions, I would like to explore another idea that arises (albeit peripherally, perhaps) in Chapter 2. (This is OK in Virtual Book Club; you, too, … Continue reading

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